Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lots of New Posts

Just spent over 2 hours putting up new pictures. Make sure to click "older posts" to see them all.

Tree Skirt

A few years ago I posted a picture of Megan wearing the tree skirt. She still loves to put that thing on. This year, while taking down the decorations, she put it on James and gave him some candy cane earrings.

New Years Eve

Megan stayed up until midnight New Year's Eve. James didn't make it. We spent the entire afternoon buying a new car for William and he conked out on the way home. I broke out the champagne glasses and gave Megan some sparkling apple cider.

The different sleeping patterns of James

James does not like sleeping in his own bed. He much prefers to fall asleep on the couch and then come get in bed with us in the middle of the night. My parents believe he needs a full size bed to get him into his own room. But, there is no room for a full sized bed right now because of all the train sets. They have seriously taken over the house.

Sometimes James will get his blanket and curl up with Daddy at the computer.

He was cold and put the blanket over his head and fell asleep. When William tried to move it, he would wake up, get mad and put it back over his head.

Bowling Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with the Bowlings/Clarks at Aunt Martha's house Christmas afternoon.

James opening yet another train set from Martha and Scott. He loved Scott's train around the tree and now he has one of his own.

Megan opening her gift card to Justice from Aunt Martha and Scott. She loves that store.

Uncle Gary and Mary gave Megan the official Justin Bieber book.

James in train heaven.


Megan's loot from Santa

James' loot from Santa

Waiting to come out. James slept with his train and ding dings that he opened the night before.

Stinky the Garbage Truck was a popular item among the boys in James' class. They had their first Show and Tell since Christmas this past week and three Stinkys were there (James was one of them).

James got what he asked for from Santa. A watch, a wallet and a mustache.

Megan with her new boots from me and her new coat from Molly & Kevin.

Walking her new dog.

Burt Reynolds was at my house? Oh, that's just Uncle Matt. :)

Cookies and Milk

Megan is mixing the chocolate in Santa's milk and James is putting the cookies out.

I guess James had to inspect Megan's work.